Fisheries Surveys, Structures and Stocking

Fish Population Assessment – analyze existing fish populations using: Hydro-Acoustic Surveys, Electro-Fishing Surveys, Historical Stocking Reviews, Visual Observations, and/or Catch-Record Analysis/Interviews.

Habitat Assessment/Restoration –

Evaluate Fish Habitat through:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Distribution
  • Aquatic Plant Influences
  • Physical Bottom Structure
  • Substrate For Reproduction
  • Overall Living Space

Restore Fish Habitat through:

  • Aeration Installation
  • Vegetation Management
  • Fish Structures
  • Spawning Site Enhancement
  • and More

Fish Stocking (in some areas): Based on population and habitat assessments, Marine Biochemists can advise and manage fish stocking or fish harvesting goals.

Fish Eradication (where allowed by law): Marine Biochemists can eradicate undesirable fish populations. Local permits and restrictions may be required.