Aeration and Fountains

Marine Biochemists sells, installs, and services a variety of aeration equipment and fountains.  We can custom design a system to meet your aquatic needs and budget.  We also offer aeration equipment leasing and lease-to-own programs.


Benefits of Aeration

  • Prevention of seasonal fish kills
  • De-stratification of the water column
  • Elimination of noxious gas build-up caused by anaerobic decay
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduction of certain nutrient problems through oxygenated bottom interactions
  • Increase in organic “muck” decomposition
  • Types of Aerators

Compressed-air systems use diffused air to lift water from the bottom of a lake or pond up to the surface. There oxygen is absorbed and decay gases are released to the atmosphere. These are energy efficient for any size body of water. Bottom-mounted, Floating or Attached Horizontal Aerators are ideal for circulating shallow bays/frontages where compressed-air is limited. These types of aerators can keep areas clear of floating plant material (watermeal, duckweed, etc.) and surface debris.


Installing a fountain adds a picturesque aesthetic appeal to your water and provides some aeration benefits depending on the depth of the water. Marine Biochemists works with several fountain manufacturers to provide you the best variety of fountain options including: Aqua Master, Kasco, Aqua Control and Otterbine.


Contact us for information on the services we provide pertaining to water feature construction and maintenance. We can assist with water features such as: cement fountain ponds, waterfalls, aquascapes, ornamental ponds, and other ornamental aquatic features.